We started on 1st Nov 2017 at the cultural capital of Kerala, with an intention to create new reading habits, cultural activities and a publication field among Keralites. Keralites have to tell tales of creative activities which were reformative and progressive. Reading and writing played a vital role in this. But it is doubtful whether those morale are followed in our present publication industry. In such scenario we are undertaking this mission to make our reading more fruitful. We present some guidelines for this. They are as follows

• To publish books that would enhance the growth of Malayalam literature and make them available to the public, thereby subject them to an open discussion.

• To encourage and introduce the new, rising, stars of Malayalam literature along with the established writers.

• To introduce contemporary literary trends and link them to the reading habits of Keralites.

• To publish insightful books on cinema, theatre, folklore, philosophy, history, science and Information Technology.

• Along with publications, discussion would be conducted by involving the experts of the field.

• Held book exhibitions in rural areas and thereby promote a creative readers group.

• To be a promising choice to children's literature.

• Publish academic, informative, and non-literary books.

• To conduct seminars and demonstration classes on subjects in different places.

• Create a grand collection on authentic Indian classical arts.

• To publish memoirs, biographies, interviews of eminent personalities in literary, socio-cultural- political field.

• Will extend a helping hand to the making of school text books including history and open doors for its research.

• Give a better outlook to the current book selling market, conforming its ways to the changes and needs of the readers.

• To find and translate best sellers of other languages. Moreover, give a platform to the translation of our own best publications; to this, we have to make a panel of experts.


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