Ayurville with its ensemble of experts strives to provide you the best of care and service. Our team of seasoned therapists is always ready to provide the much-needed advice and guidance required to select the right set of treatment and care for all skin and body types. Expert medical pieces of advice from qualified doctors are followed to provide you with the specific therapy suited to your physical attributes. Ayurville is a place for relaxation and enjoying luxurious massages, facial, body and beauty therapies, using natural, organic products that will enrich your health, and provide you with a feeling of total wellbeing. Our fully trained therapists will educate and guide you in lifestyle and nutritional changes that will help make choices that will benefit and enhance your being.

Ayurville is an institution as conjured from the conception of an individual with exemplary skills as earned through experience and an acute knowledge of the art of Ayurveda, to bestow holistic health care. In today’s world with reasons like stress, pollution, unbalanced diet or other detrimental living practices ones health preservation has become a challenge. Ayurville offers a number of rejuvenation programs suited to your specific body type and lifestyle, based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda.

Globally recognized as a holistic health practice, Ayurveda translated the ‘Knowledge of life’ originated approx. 5000 years ago. Its natural approach creates balance and strengthens the body's healing abilities. Emphasizing the significance of ones consciousness of health and well-being, this ancient Vedic custom is considered to be the world's most ancient system of preventive health care.

Ayurville strives to provide genuine ayurvedic experience in the splendid locale of the land, where it has been practiced for centuries. Located in Fort Cochin or Fort Kochi a part of mainland Kochi, an important historic locality in Kerala, India; Arabian and Chinese traders have been traveling to the coast of Kochi for spices, especially pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves; trade of these valuable merchandises shaped the history of the region. With its seaside promenade, Dutch architecture and many important historic sites, Fort Cochin is a highly regarded travel destination.


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