Coconicer ( Heavy Duty Coconut Grinder)


Product: Electric coconut scrapper

Easily fix on Marble, Granite and Ceramic tiles  kitchen tops with powerful vacuum plugs. 

Motor Type: Induction Motor

Voltage Supply: 220V – 240V, AC, 50 Hz

Input Power: 120 watts

RPM: 960 – 1440

Housing Material: A Grade ABS Vergin Body

Warranty: One Year Motor Warranty

Made in Kerala

Sold By: Musris Shipping


തേങ്ങാ ചെരുകുന്ന യന്ത്രം ( Heavy Duty )


Comfortable & durable heavy & long life coconut shredding. Works with UPS inverter, Fast and safe coconut shredding, 1 Hour continues high rating, Excellent A Grade ABS Virgin Material, 120 watts sound less induction motor, Uses 3 Coconut in one minute.

Easily fix on Marble, Granite and Ceramic tiles  Kitchen tops with Powerful Vacuum Plugs. 


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