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Navara rice is one of the many types of rice found in India, and has its origin from Kerala. There seems to have been about a hundred varieties of rice but only about 20 types are said to be existing. Navara is one of them. Navara can be consumed directly or can also be powdered and then mixed with milk and taken in the form of a cereal.

 Varieties of Navara

Navara has two varieties” black glumed navara” and “golden yellow glumed navara”

Black Glumed Navara:

It is red in color and is known for its medicinal properties. It is a Kerala traditional ayurvedic medicine. This one is what Jeevamrut is going to deliver and its in zero polished format retaining the nutrients. 

 Navara rice –Health benefits

It is good for people with diabetes

it is a rejuvenator and improvises the immune system

 It helps in digestion and improves metabolism and keeps emaciation at bay.

It is used for curing rheumatoid arthritis

Promotes the growth of RBCs, can cure Anemia

strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis

Navara rice for babies

On other hand navara rice can be given as baby food for babies above 6 months of age. Navara rice food can increase babies weight. This is a natural energizer and safe weaning food for babies


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