Neelamari Pure Indigo Leaf Powder (100 gms)


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The Indigo plant (Indigofera Tinctoria) is a leafy shrub that grows 3-6 feet tall with pinkish-blue colored flowers. The green leaves of the Indigo plant are dried, crushed and powdered. Indigo powder can be used for coloring hair a deep brown to black when used along with Henna . The blackish blue of Indigo combines with the orange of Henna to give a brown to black color to hair.Hence, Indigo application is to be followed by Henna application.The procedure and Proportion of mixing Henna and Indigo are given in detail in the leaflet in the packet.Indigo is Anti-Toxic and Anti-Bacterial and therefore reduces the effect of toxicity on the scalp and hair. Neelamari Indigo is absolutely pure, has been sourced from the farms directly and hence has no chemicals in it. It can be safely used for coloring hair at home.

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