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It is a visual pinboard for finding everything about Locokerala.

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If you give me rice, I’ll eat today; if you teach me how to grow rice, I’ll eat every day.
-Mahatma Gandhi

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Organics Sustainability

There constantly looks to be a discussion throughout organics and whether it is sustainable. Our community is shifting frequently more mindful of the food we preferred to have, we are…

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Queen of Spices
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Loco Kerala brings you the pleasure of finding the difference!

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Malabar Tamarind
Ayurveda, tourism

Ayurveda- A Philosophy of Well-being.

There are numerous reasons why Kerala has been a focal point of many people. One of them is the authentic delicacy; the other major factor is natural health treatment, Ayurveda.…

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Here Comes Monsoon

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