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Our Process

Taken directly from the producers. Sold directly to the consumers.

Behind the Label

Our main objective is to create socio-economic opportunities for small-scale farmers by supporting bio-diverse, regeneration, and sharing Kerala’s ingredients and cuisines with the world. By doing this, LocoKerala not only create opportunities for small-scale businesses to thrive but also let people from different parts of the world experience the flavours of Kerala.

Farmers & producers whose approach and values match our own are further selected. We allow them to sell through us to global markets. Working closely with producers permits us to tackle the issue of products becoming scarce during the off-season. Such advantages make sure that all the products are available throughout the year. The main advantage we possess is that we work closely with producers, hence our products are selected with great care and strict quality. Products are chosen based on their quality and their ability to retain maximum nutrition. We also ensure that the local communities, whose entire livelihood depends on farming, will flourish and improve.

Only 100% natural and authentic organic products exist in our abode. We make sure that all the products are untouched and are free of chemicals and pesticides. A luxurious sentiment is built for the product, which combines both health and beauty for our customers.

Nature to Home

LocoKerala has its wings spread across Kerala, where different food products are being acquired from skilful farmers and small-scale industry owners following an ordered procedure, and ensuring proper application of good practices at various stages of production.

What Are We Doing

LocoKerala bring all the natural products – organic, handmade, and various other rare products available in Kerala under one roof and deliver them to our customers across the world maintaining quality checks and authenticity.

Home Grown

Carefully Picked

We carefully picked our products directly from the farmers to ensure high quality.

Well Processed

All products are processed scientifically so that the aroma, flavours and quality are preserved.

Securely Packed

We ensure that the packages are securely sealed so that the products will reach you well-conditioned.

Fast Delivered

We have tie-ups with DHL, Blue Dart, etc. to ensure that our products are reaching you as fast as possible.

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